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Tel: 01698 897622



Attention all Schools and Nurseries.

Please allow us the opportunity to price beat your existing Photography Supplier.

We have numerous offers and deals available which include Free Staff photographs for your photo board, great commission rates and much more, please contact us for the current, up to date offers. 

Frequently Asked Questions;

1. Are you sole traders working from the home?

No, we are a Limited Company SC357451 and have a studio at Beckford Street Business Centre, Hamilton.


2. Are there other sizes or packs available other than on the order form?

Yes, we can bespoke any pack to suit your needs or you can order from a great selection of wall art.


3. Do you accept credit or debit cards?

Yes, we accept most credit or debit cards.


4. I missed the order deadline at the Nursery/School what do I do?

Please post the order direct to us or telephone 01698 897622.


5. Are you professionally qualified?

Yes, all photographers working for Aftershots are professionally qualified.


6. Do you enhance the photographs FREE of charge?

Yes, Aftershots remove small scratches, bruises etc from the final photograph.


7. Do you’re photographers hold Disclosure Scotland certificates?




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